Wednesday, November 16, 2005

what's running...?

No running since the 5 km wobble for the same reason as CL...certainly not in the right headspace to even contemplate puting my runners on!

Will have to though...I can feel my fitness ebing away and it doesn't feel good. I shall start taking my stuff to work and running around the block (about 7km) before driving home.

Let's see how I get along!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I never thought...

I would say that enjoy running!! But, I guess, stranger things have happened. Running group last night and I fairly took off like a rabbit with a greyhound on it's heels. Didn't get puffed out, was able to chat...never thought I'd be able to do that!!
Got the 5km wobble on Sunday, really looking forward to that, dying to know how I will go. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Has it been that long?

I have just dipped into my blog and realised it's been over 2 months since I last negligent is that? Still seeing that I have something interesting to post now I will make the read worthwhile!

Soccerwise, we blitzed them...won the league with 2 games in hand, remained unbeaten all season and won promotion to division 2. It was all very exciting and we can't wait for next year to start all over again!

Runningwise I have just run my first half marathon, in Melbourne on the 9/10. I was more than a little apprehensive as I hadn't run anywhere near that distance even in training, and the last 10km race I did was a disaster because I pushed out way to fast in the beginning and fell in a heap way before the end. However, I had my own personal coach along in the form of courtlylove who sacrificed a pb just to get me over the line. I was sure I wouldn't do it any faster than 2:30mins but she reckoned I would do it faster. Anyway we each had a pacing tag thingy on our arms, hers was for 2 hours, mine was for 2:10. Ultimately we came in in 2:08 and some seconds, so I was pretty happy with that. Having someone pace me worked really well, and I felt I cruised up until the last 4 kms, although the last 2kms were sheer unadulterated agony!! I didn't see or hear any of the supporters, I had disappeared into some kind of time warp which was a bit disconcerting! CL was encouraging me all the way along St Kilda Rd, read pushing me, I could have slapped her but I didn't have the energy!
All I wanted to do at the end was collapse, but CL in true CR spirit wanted us to wave our pompoms and blow our horns to support all the other CR's coming through. I lasted about 30 minutes then had to go and mainline some caffeine to give myself some energy, so EskieMo walked and I staggered to Federation Square to find some sustenance before the other CRs swamped Transport for the beer!
It was great catching up with old friends and making new ones...I love the spirit of CRs it's just brilliant.
Well, I guess I should be thinking about the marathon in Canberra next year! So, will just go and put on my runners and start training right now!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

woe is me...!!!

Well, here I sit feeling very sorry for myself...the only running I've done today is up and down the corridor to the dunny! As E's teenage son so eloquently put it I'm having a 'hose shoved up my arse' tomorrow so am in the midst of the most disgusting preparation...Jeez, I wish it tasted better. I am supposed to have drunk a litre of this stuff in tha last hour...I've only managed 300ml, I am sure it has irreparably damaged my taste buds. Nothing to eat until tomorrow evening, which is even worse, I'm like a bear with a sore head when I can't eat, and I really don't have much in the way of stores to draw on...oh well, it could be worse I suppose.

Soccer is going well, still on top of the ladder, 6 points ahead of our nearest rival, so pretty safe as long as we continue to play well. Gonna hafta go, the dunny is calling!

Sunday, July 17, 2005


After 2 fabulous weeks I have to go back to work tomorrow...I am very sad!! I actually don't have time to work as it interferes with my life dreadfully but unfortunately I have yet to become independently wealthy, thus necessitating aforementioned work *bleargh*! Oh well.

Played 2 soccer games over the weekend. Saturday's was absolutely CL has mentioned the pitch was a quagmire, mud to the ankles, freezing cold rain, puddles the size of Lake Eildon, and absolutely no hope of doing anything with the recalcitrant ball we had been given to play with. Still, it made sliding tackles heaps of fun...if you like that sort of thing! I haven't been that cold since playing in England in the snow.

Sunday's, Mmm, we are top of the table, leading by 5 points. Playing the 2nd bottom team. So what do we do? Played like s**t. We drew 1-1, better than a loss but it did absolutely nothing for the morale of the team. Our sweeper had a tanty and stomped to the changing room without us, everyone else just collapsed in morbid embarrassment on the terraces. The only thing that brightened the day was the knowledge that the team just below us lost and the team 3rd on the ladder drew...making us 6 points ahead. (Thank heaven for small mercies). WE'll get em next week!!

Need to sit down with CL to draw up some sort of formal training plan, otherwise I will just fritter away my days thinking about running rather than actually getting out there and pounding out the kms.

Here's to successful soccer and successful running...when I don't have to work!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's been too long...

It's quite obvious, I think, that I'm not much good at this! It's been ages since I last posted and heaps of things have happened, but I will stick to telling you about my first 10km race. We all went up to the Gold Coast for the Gold Coast marathon. Elisabeth had entered the marathon and the kids and I had entered the 10km race. It took an age to get to Brisbane because of the bad weather Qld had been experiencing so was exhausted by the time we got to where we were staying for the night. Was definately not in a sociable mood by then. Slept like a log and didn't surface until nearly midday on Saturday! Drove to the Gold Coast and signed in for the race. Went to the apartment and then went and got some food, we were all starving!! That evening we went to the carbo loading party and filled up on pasta and apple crumble and custard...yum.
Sunday morning dawned fair and warm. Elisabeth had started off on her race at 0750, ours started at 0930. I was nervous! No specific training, no idea how I would go!
500m into the race I thought...'I'm not going to be able to do this for 10kmn!' Still I pushed on and overtook people throughout the race, walked through the drink stations to's difficult to dring while running...give it a go!
Had to walk fopr about 50 metres about 3kms from the end, not such a good idea because the legs complained mightily when I started up again. Still i got going and I was still overtaking popek all the way to the finsih line, which made me feel good. i finished in 1:02:22 (guntime) now just waiting for my official chip time, would have to be less than an hour because it took me 5 mins to get over the start mat, there were 2800 runners in the race!
My feet were ok, but my quads were sore for about 3 days and my left hip was agony for about 24 hours...tight glutes I'm told!!
The massage on the Monday was bliss, although the masseur stirred up my back and it ached like a bad toothache for several days.
The rest of the week went too quickly, we lazed about, went to Dreamworld, caught up with friends. The weather was perfect and we had some great company in the coolrunners that we met, it was sad when we had to leave.
So, now it looks like I've been bitten by the running bug, Elisabeth is happy coz she has a running partner and I have a new challenge...10kms in 45 minutes!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005